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"Settle dust-ups out of court"

In light of Bill 168 and the uncertainty created by the inclusion of harassment as well as violence in the workplace, Levitt has demonstrated that the ability to manage and not be charged with harassment is getting more difficult even before June 15th.

This Social Media Thing

As my maternity leave ended and I prepared to return to work (not that being on maternity leave is a total picnic – nobody spits up on me at work, or emotionally manipulates me into playing “here comes the airplane” at 3am) – I anticipated a lot of change. Indeed, …

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Performance Reviews

The science of managing personnel isn’t all that different than other sciences in one interesting sense: ideas that seemed safe and smart when introduced can, over time, reveal themselves to be less than ideal; even harmful. Take, for example, performance reviews. When performance reviews arrived onto the scene, they were …

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Remembering Retention

While you can (and most are) debate whether the recession is actually ‘over,’ I would caution employers against exhaling too soon. If you’re like most, you’ve been looking at employees through the lens of cost-cutting and termination. Times are changing and it’s time to look through the lens of retention. …

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30secondHR: Should I reconsider terminating a pregnant employee?

Download a free white paper written by Pam to go further in-depth on this topic.

Alternatives to the Big Annual Review

Annual performance reviews have gotten a bad rap for one reason or another, yet companies continue to do them.  They feel trapped, thinking its necessary, and because they don’t realize alternatives exist.  Fortunately some really good options do exist.  Lets start with my favorite. TouchBase by Rypple – This comes …

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5 Annual Review Tips for Managers

Managers, you are the key to the success or failure of the Annual Review process and by extension the success of your employees.  So it’s really important you understand a few fundamentals so you can make a positive impact at your company. Paper trail = Safety Net. When it comes …

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6 Tips for a Better Annual Review

Its that time of year again when most companies – for better or worse – conduct their Annual Performance Reviews.   And though most HR professionals would happily tell you to do away with performance reviews and instead focus on performance management, we know plenty of businesses will be conducting this …

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5 Things to Know about Bill 168

You might not have heard about Bill 168 yet, but businesses in Ontario will be hearing a lot about this amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety Act in 2010.  The Bill, which just received Royal Assent and will go into law on June 15th, defines and addresses workplace violence …

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