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Is Engagement a Competitive Advantage?

In BusinessWeek’s summer double issue exploring the case for optimism in today’s market, they explore the case for optimism and employee engagement: Is Optimism a Competitive Advantage. In our most recent webinar we discussed the importance of employee engagement to limit bad behaviour in the workforce, but perhaps we missed emphasizing …

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Slideshow: Employees Behaving Badly

In the heat of budget cuts we can sometimes forget about the human impact the recession has on all of us. Its important to take a moment a strive not only for a healthy balance sheet but a healthy workforce. This presentation covers a number of topics that employers face …

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Four-Day Workweek Saves $1.8 Million

Here is some food for thought for companies looking to save money and potentially improve employee job satisfaction. Four-Day Workweek Saves $1.8 Million in Utah, Makes Workers Happy

Poll: Social Media Policies

We’ve posted our first poll on the right side of this blog.  We’re wondering if you’ve implemented policies regarding social media in the workplace.  Just a simple yes or no question for the time being.  We will be pulling together thoughts and discussing social media’s place in the workplace, since …

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Productivity 2.0

Just found this article on about the shifting paradigm and understanding of what productivity means in the workplace.  While reading the article a couple of things came to mind.  First, technology has provided us with lots of tools to make our jobs easier and more efficient.  But I’m sure …

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Writing a Resignation Letter

I’ve noticed this blog has received a number of hits on our previous post concerning resignation notice.  So when I came across this article with Sample Resignation Letters I should share it for all of those who might be looking for some samples. The page comes from a site called, …

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The Midyear Review Takes On More Weight

Well its about that time of year again to start midyear reviews, and though its been more an informal check-in event for most companies, a few are changing things up.  In the BusinessWeek article, The Midyear Review Takes On More Weight, they explore how some companies are making adjustments to the …

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Young Workers Push Employers for Wider Web Access

Just browsing through the headlines on BusinessWeek and came across this article: Young workers push employers for wider Web access I’m sure the Gen Y readers will particularly enjoy the article, but I’d like Baby Boomer business owners to take a moment and read it as well.  Here is a quote …

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Webinar: Top 10 Costliest HR Mistakes

A presentation from a previously hosted webinar Covering 10 HR Mistakes that are costing your business serious money.  Topics covered: [listdot] How to make most of your HR Expenditures Corporate communications Linking Corporate Goals to Employee Goals HR Metrics Motivation and Retention Recruitment Employee Performance …and so much more [/listdot] …

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