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5 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is critical to any firm’s success, but an array of issues can keep workers from fully engaging in their tasks. Your job as a manager is to figure out how to best improve employee productivity while keeping morale high. Although employee productivity can be difficult to quantify in […]

How To Properly Terminate An Employee

It’s always difficult to terminate an employee, but you can make the task a little easier by knowing how to properly do it. According to the Ontario Ministry of Labour, there are very specific things you must do to properly terminate an employee, and although the Ministry of Labour can’t […]

10 HR Metrics CEOs Care Most About

For as long as I can remember HR people have been trying (often failing) to gain credibility from CEOs. HR professionals can develop all HR strategies they want, implement processes and best practices, but unless those are quantifiable they’ll be hard pressed to win over the C-suite. Fortunately, there are […]

Employee vs Volunteer – What's the Difference?

Along with summer hours and a company BBQ, organizations can also host new faces and talent through the summer months.   Many students are off for the summer, and really want to avoid ‘just a job’; instead they are looking for real life experience in the career field of their choice. […]

How to Make Exit Interviews Work for Your Organization – Not Against It

Over the years, I’ve conducted many exit interviews for clients across various industries. And while I recommend them as a way for organizations to continuously improve, my recommendation is not without reservations. Yes, the exit interview is a worthy best practice (find out why and get a great template here). […]

Employee Objectives: Let's Let Them Decide If They Want Any

You are not excused from the process until you come up with some objectives! Are we force feeding employees? Much like the veggies I force into my children, I’ve never considered anything other than including employee generated objectives in the performance management process. After all, coming up with objectives is good […]

10 Things That Will Make Your Employees Jump Ship

A recent survey of over 1800 respondents highlighted a serious disconnect between employers and employees, identifying a significant difference between the factors which each group believe to be significant when voluntary resignations take place. Factors identified in the survey are also in line with what I hear from individuals when […]

Ask HR – New Online Article Series

Are you looking for real insights, opinions and advice from experienced HR Professionals?  Are you looking for tips on how to manage your workforce better, motivate your employees, or turn C players into A players? Or are you a job seeker, and in need of job interview tips?  Whatever the questions or challenges you […]

Who is Mentoring Your HR?

It is not uncommon for professionals in any industry to focus their expertise outward;  my hairdresser styles my hair perfectly while her own hair is most often thrown up into a careless ponytail; our landscaper gave us a magical curb appeal but his own is yet to be completed.  The […]

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