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Motivating Temp Staff Without Money

Motivating the workforce without increasing the company’s budget is a constant concern of most employers. When part of that workforce contains temporary staffing, many wonder what the best motivational techniques are for these valued but short-time workers. While many employers initially think of money, there are actually other ways to […]

The Top 3 Myths About Temp Staffing

If enough people repeat a falsehood, the majority of people will assume it must be true. That is the case with myths about temp staffing. This is a good thing to keep in mind when doing your research in connection with selecting a temp agency. When talking to colleagues, friends, […]

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Do You Need Scalability/Flexibility to Prosper in 2015?

  The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) announced last week that the U.S. economy grew by a whopping 5% in the 3rd quarter of 2014.  This unprecedented growth in GDP should have trickled into Canada’s economic growth numbers, yet things remained sluggish in Canada in the months of July, August, […]

Adapt or Die: Facing Social Media

Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection is one of most substantiated theories in science. Organisms change in order to allow themselves to better adapt to their environment and survive, thus passing on survivability to their offspring. I like to look at organizations functioning just like organisms. Everyone has a […]

CEOs – The Pendulum is Swinging, Don't Forget to Duck

This is good news: Canada’s economy created an impressive 95,000 new jobs in May, which is the biggest monthly gain in nearly 11 years! Even though this month has taken analysts by surprise, Canada’s job market has had the best gains record among all G-7 countries, actually recording solid gains […]

When Should Start-Ups Start Considering HR

HR tends to be one of the last areas considered by start-ups in my experience, but this can be something of an oversight. Most start-ups by their very nature are founded by entrepreneurial individuals, who quite rightly may invest most of their energies in selling, meeting customer demands and cash […]

Driving Competitive Advantage Through Employee Engagement

In a highly competitive business environment, the active management of employee engagement is a critical aspect of sustaining competitive advantage and driving organizational effectiveness. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), 84% of senior leaders say that disengaged employees are one of the top three biggest challenges facing their business. […]

9 Ways to Make Change Management Succeed

In the current turbulent economic environment, organizations that do not change are likely to be left behind. So from a seasonal perspective, what lessons can be learned from how to embed change effectively in 2012? C is for COMPETENCIES Employers today operate in uncharted waters and the status quo is […]

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