Love’em or Lose’em

Our thriving economy has created an impressive number of jobs over the last year and is forecasted to continue to flourish for the next few years. This is very good news for Canadian employers, with the most recent recession not quite faded from memory. But a growing labour market brings […]

human resources

Your HR plan – Visionary or a Hallucination

Effective Talent Management is one of the last sustainable competitive advantages for small and midsize businesses.  Developing an effective candidate generation and assessment plan is one of the most important steps to ensure business profitability and sustainability. To win the war for talent, you should be able to identify what […]

How To Activate Your Existing Employee Talent for Better Business Results

Top executives still see their utmost people priority as having “the right people in the right place, at the right time, doing their job well”.  In a article, “What the CEO wants from HR”, Eric Wiseman, CEO of VF Corporation (Lee, Nautica, The North Face and other lifestyle brands) […]

CEO Challenge: 5 Days to Improve Company Performance

Take the challenge to improve your leadership and company performance without spending a cent on expensive executive coach, off-site leadership training or a consultant. Challenge yourself Praise, don’t criticize – get psychology today article.  Just for today only provide positive feedback.  Catch 3 people doing something right! Bud out Allow […]

Treating Your Employees How You Treat Your Best Customers

Whatever your product, service or business model, you’re in business to sell something. That means you need someone to buy it. That someone is, of course, the customer. And that’s why businesses are focused on making customers happy and finding ways to keep them on board for the long haul […]

Are You Maximizing the Potential of Your Frontline Managers?

Frontline managers have difficult jobs. They have to know the business (better than their staff). They are expected to supervise and coach their employees not only on how to do their jobs, but how to do so with their right attitude and behaviours. And they have to be able to […]

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