Employee Relations

New Survey Reveals the Top 4 Mental Health Supports that Workers Want

The worst of the pandemic (hopefully) be over, but the so-called “new normal” is certainly not sunshine and rainbows for millions of people. A survey by Lifeworks found that nearly three in four employees report feeling some impact of personal or work-related stress, and 49 percent of employees have noticed […]

4 Ways to Guard Against Employee Poaching

While having the right employees has always been a key to organizational success, in today’s competitive marketplace it’s more essential than ever. Case studies abound with horror stories of organizations rapidly going from “first to worst” — not because they lacked advanced technology, or due to a drop in marketplace […]

The Recession is On Its Way Out. Is Your Talent Going With It?

So yesterday the Central Bank of Canada announced the recession is over, though certainly we’re still in for some rough times in the coming months.  Pay cuts and hiring freezes are still in effect, and many companies are still on work-share.  But bottom lines are starting to look a little […]

How Much Resignation Notice is Enough?

While Ontario Employment Standards requires Employers to provide employees with “Reasonable Notice” when terminating the employment relationship “without just cause”, there is no such statutory requirement for Employees to provide Notice should they wish to do the same. Conventional wisdom has – at least up until now – provided that […]

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