Practice the ‘puppy theory’

The HR Fishbowl wrote an interesting piece titled, “Annual Reviews…Who Needs Them?”  It explores the perspective shared by Carol Bartz in a New York Times article regarding annual performance reviews and her general dislike for them. I have the puppy theory. When the puppy pees on the carpet, you say […]

Dress Code

As I sit down to write this blog, we’re in the midst of a Southern Ontario heat wave.  It’s 40+ degrees when you factor in the humidity and I can’t imagine putting anything other than flip flops on.  Seriously, my feet are about to swell and I need to accommodate. […]

Adapt or Die: Facing Social Media

Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection is one of most substantiated theories in science. Organisms change in order to allow themselves to better adapt to their environment and survive, thus passing on survivability to their offspring. I like to look at organizations functioning just like organisms. Everyone has a […]

Webinars – Time Wasters or a Great Learning Tool?

How many webinars have you attended?  I have to admit that I haven’t attended many.  I have participated in one as the moderator but typically I have found that the majority are really trying to sell me something. How do you know if the webinar that you are signing up […]

How To Not Get the Job

I am not an English teacher, I am not a professional proof reader, I am however someone who cannot abide typo’s, incorrect grammar or simple sloppiness in a professional document.  Whether you are writing your resume, your website, your blog or an e-mail, whatever you write is a representation of […]

What Happens When Your Top Performers Don’t Share and Play Well With Others?

The top performers in a workforce are typically a breed apart. They’re relentless learners, intrinsically motivated, and focused on achieving their very high standards – and then raising the bar. Doubtless, you know who these high performers are in your workplace. And while you certainly appreciate their skill and the […]

There's No Such Thing as a Company Without HR

Brian Kreissl’s recent article “When non-HR professionals do HR work” published on is an insightful and timely look at a very old, but not widely-known, organizational truth: there’s no such thing as a company without HR. HR is not the output of a department called HR, nor is it the […]

7 Signs Your Employees May Be About To Quit

Vacation and Sick Days Interviews are often arranged during midweek within the normal 9-5 hours, sometimes at short notice. Requests for leave at short notice or “illness” where people return to work with no obvious adverse effects can be deemed suspicious particularly where the day involved is a Tuesday, Wednesday […]

Employment Reference Checking – Why bother?

When it comes time to check references on a potential new hire, I have to admit that I have struggled in the past to find value in the process. This is because candidates only provide glowing references! (And why should they not??) No matter the clever questions I devise to […]

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