Slideshow: Employees Behaving Badly

In the heat of budget cuts we can sometimes forget about the human impact the recession has on all of us. Its important to take a moment a strive not only for a healthy balance sheet but a healthy workforce. This presentation covers a number of topics that employers face […]

Webinar: Top 10 Costliest HR Mistakes

A presentation from a previously hosted webinar Covering 10 HR Mistakes that are costing your business serious money.  Topics covered: [listdot] How to make most of your HR Expenditures Corporate communications Linking Corporate Goals to Employee Goals HR Metrics Motivation and Retention Recruitment Employee Performance …and so much more [/listdot] […]

My First HR Webinar… continued.

I would agree with all of Michelle’s comments.  This was a first for met too and I found it very exciting to participate in both the creation and the delivery of this webinar.   Observing the logistical back end processes was interesting as well. In terms of the webinar content itself, […]

My First HR Webinar…

Well I can officially put another notch on my learning belt, I just completed my first webinar “Rightsizing your Company for Maximum Profitability in Any Economy” and it was a terrific learning experience. Thanks to my partner in crime Shari Cooper and of course our colleague Marian McGuire who helped […]

Upcoming Webinars

Well now that we got the first webinar done and over with, doing more doesn’t seem so ominous.  So a couple people on the HR team are busily prepping our next: “Right-Sizing for Profitability in ANY Economy”  Should be interesting, feel free to register and join us April 7th – […]

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