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How the HR Rules Differ From the US to Canada

How do HR principles and practices differ from the US to Canada? There are many differences that you may not know about! Download our FREE guide to read more.  

What Employers Should Know About Employees Taking Sick Leave

While there are many human resource-related issues that can cause confusion and spark conflict, few are as problematic as what employers can and cannot ask when an employee goes on extended sick leave.  This is because employers need to: Show their employee that they care. Ensure they comply with all […]

When can an employee take a vacation?

Where a lot of confusion occurs, is if an employer has the power to instruct their employees when they can take vacation. Simply, employers have the final say as to when an employee can go on their vacation. An employer has the right to manage its business as it deems […]

Health & Safety in Ontario: Are your employee’s aware?

On July 1, 2014, a new regulation under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) will come into effect which will require all Employers to provide Health & Safety Awareness training to their employee’s. The regulation outlines what needs to be covered in the training for both workers and supervisors. […]

Growing Businesses Expanding from US to Canada

HR Risk Hot Spots With the residue of the recession finally starting to wash away, 2014 brings about new opportunities for organizational growth. Companies that are successful in their home countries and are looking for growth naturally consider international expansion as the next big step. For US companies looking to […]

3 Tips to Improve Average Employee Performance

If you can manage to improve your average employee performance at your company, just think what you could accomplish. If each employee is working just a little bit smarter, a little more efficiently, and a little more passionately, the combined employee performance at your company could mean substantial overall progress. […]

Heart to Heart – From One HR Grad to Another

Dear recent HRM graduates: If you think you are now an HR expert after your 4 long and hard years of studies be prepared for a reality check! Human Resources is one of those careers you cannot think you have mastered because you have sat in class for 4 years. […]

What to Do When Employees Are Taking Too Many Sick Days

“What do you mean you’re not coming in today?” Not the response we would recommend but at times I can understand it. Absent employees result in lost sales, poorer levels of customer service and increased stress on the people who are at work. The recent survey by Angus Reid on […]

When Should Start-Ups Start Considering HR

HR tends to be one of the last areas considered by start-ups in my experience, but this can be something of an oversight. Most start-ups by their very nature are founded by entrepreneurial individuals, who quite rightly may invest most of their energies in selling, meeting customer demands and cash […]

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