MYTH: Small Business’s Do Not Have “People Issues”

Starting or running a small business isn’t easy. Developing a great product or service and knowing how to sell it just won’t cut it! As a small business, you often do not have the luxury of having a marketing, accounting, sales, or payroll department to support you. Instead, as a […]

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Summer Intern

In the right situation, an internship can be beneficial for both the employer and the intern. However, there are a few situations where an intern may not be the right fit for your company. If you are thinking of adding an intern to your roster this summer, here are a […]

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Vacation Scheduling: Five Keys to Success

In the current environment of organizational efficiency, as staff are asked to do “more with less” and work “smarter not harder”, the pressure on payroll departments is unrelenting. Scheduling time-off for staff is both tricky and essential. So how do you manage the workflow in payroll when staff go on […]

How to Utilize Temporary Help During Seasonal Peaks

There are many reasons why a company may hire temporary help during seasonal peaks of busier periods. For some, it may be that their business incurs an uptick in workload during warmer months which require more workers to produce or ship more product/services.  For others, the availability of skilled workers […]

The Battle of Vacation Planning

Summer is on the way, which means that we can all look forward to longer days, warmer temperatures and barbecue after blissful barbecue. However, there’s something else up ahead that isn’t so inspiring and which might even make some of us pine for a return to the frigid depths of […]

Employment Standards Ontario Poster – Free Download

PIVOTAL wants to ensure all employers understand their obligations and that all employees know their rights. The Ministry of Labour has revised the Employment Standards Poster entitled “Employment Standards in Ontario”. The poster describes important rights and requirements under the Employment Standards Act, 2000. Please download, print and post it […]

Planning the Hiring Of Temps

Your company has full-time, year-round employees.  During your company’s busy season, though, you hire temporary employees to do a wide variety of tasks to handle the added workload as it is more economically feasible than hiring additional full-time employees that increase your overall WSIB risk, and then laying the employees […]

Temporary Foreign Workers – the Deadline Dilemma

By Elizabeth Rose, HR Consultant and Writer Tens of thousands of people who entered the country under the Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) Program were to be deported on Wednesday April 1, 2015 due to changes in regulations brought in by the Conservative government in 2011. While advocates for the workers […]

Finding Quality Temporary Employees – The Temp Agency Solution

Acquiring the services of a high-quality staffing agency is a great way for a company to procure new employees. Companies may think their HR departments or other employees can do an adequate job of finding a new employee and therefore feel there is no need for such a service. However, the list below showcases […]

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