CEO Challenge: 5 Days to Improve Company Performance

Take the challenge to improve your leadership and company performance without spending a cent on expensive executive coach, off-site leadership training or a consultant. Challenge yourself Praise, don’t criticize – get psychology today article.  Just for today only provide positive feedback.  Catch 3 people doing something right! Bud out Allow […]

9 Techniques for Improving Leadership Effectiveness for Better Business Results

There is much commentary today on the effectiveness of leadership and its true value in driving bottom line results. Many leaders discount the impact of enhancing their leadership behaviours would have on overall culture and employee experience. Many also think that positive engagement and organizational culture do not directly improve […]

They’ve Signed the Offer, Now What? A Guide to Employee Orientation

Onboarding, orientation, or induction, whichever word you choose to use to describe how you welcome your new employee will not change the end result if done poorly.  The first impression can be a lasting one and since you only have one chance to make a first impression, delivering the right […]

8 Tips for Writing Better Job Descriptions

A job description is much more than a list of responsibilities.  It is a true summary of the position requirements not an overview of the skills of the person performing the job.  When written well, it is instrumental in helping to recruit the right candidate, identify and establish training and […]

Employment Reference Checking – Why bother?

When it comes time to check references on a potential new hire, I have to admit that I have struggled in the past to find value in the process. This is because candidates only provide glowing references! (And why should they not??) No matter the clever questions I devise to […]

Workplace Romance, Should I or Shouldn’t I?

We’ve all heard the best way to meet someone is through friends, however what do you do when instead of meeting and being interested in the friend of a workplace friend, but rather the workplace friend is the friend you are interested in becoming friendly with?  Confused?  Truthfully workplace romances […]

7 HR Solutions to Retaining Customers

The solution to most business challenges includes a Human Resources component.  A product or service may attract customers but the ultimate sell and ongoing customer retention is highly influenced by employee behaviour.  Implement these steps to increase sales and keep customers. Start at the top Leadership is all about leading […]

Social Networking and Accountability

Social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others are quickly becoming mainstays in the world of corporate communication. These days, it’s not uncommon – in fact, it’s quite ordinary – to “tweet” a colleague or business contact, post on a client’s Facebook “wall,” or send a professional status update […]

Retention in 2011: from Optional Expense to Essential Investment

Sifting through the wreckage of the Great Recession to find glimmers of good news stories is enough to frustrate even the most ardent optimist. However, for those of us who want to see the glass as half full, glimpse the light at the light of the end of the tunnel, […]

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