Employee Engagement

In Celebration of B-Players

There’s a reason why sports teams with the most talented performers don’t always win championships and, in fact, take home the trophy far less than one might expect judging by the numbers alone (are you paying attention, Blue Jays management?). This is because a team needs more than just A-Players […]

Absenteeism…Wait, or is it Presenteeism?

Absenteeism, which occurs when employees do not show up for work is a growing issue that needs to be addressed by employers. Its negative effect on productivity creates an obvious roadblock to achieving company goals. However, a significant number of employees are also guilty of committing “Presenteeism”. This term is […]

How to Maximize Permanent Staff Retention

Employee retention has long been a source of anxiety for managers looking to establish long term success and reliable performance.  There are numerous factors that can lead to shorter than ideal employment cycles, many of which dealing with intangibles not readily apparent to most managers.  But there are some key […]

Employee Engagement? How About Owner Engagement !

The recession took its toll and you have high expectations for the next few years as a business owner.  You sense your business is not as strong as it was in the past probably because to survive you made many painful business decisions. You are expecting to recoup lost wealth […]

I Won't Be In The Office Today, I'm Working From Home

As the economy in Ontario slows down in 2012, a new dimension is being added to home working. Some organizations are not in a position to raise pay, and since the beginning of the year an increasing number of headlines about pay freezes and reduced hours have become commonplace. However, […]

There's No Such Thing as a Company Without HR

Brian Kreissl’s recent article “When non-HR professionals do HR work” published on HRReporter.com is an insightful and timely look at a very old, but not widely-known, organizational truth: there’s no such thing as a company without HR. HR is not the output of a department called HR, nor is it the […]

7 Signs Your Employees May Be About To Quit

Vacation and Sick Days Interviews are often arranged during midweek within the normal 9-5 hours, sometimes at short notice. Requests for leave at short notice or “illness” where people return to work with no obvious adverse effects can be deemed suspicious particularly where the day involved is a Tuesday, Wednesday […]

Treating Your Employees How You Treat Your Best Customers

Whatever your product, service or business model, you’re in business to sell something. That means you need someone to buy it. That someone is, of course, the customer. And that’s why businesses are focused on making customers happy and finding ways to keep them on board for the long haul […]

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