Temporary Staffing in the Multigenerational Workplace

While more than one generation in a workplace is nothing new, today’s workplace is likely to consist of at least three generations of workers at any time: “Baby Boomers” born between the end of WW II and the early 1960’s currently make up the oldest segment of workers now that the “Silent […]

Preparing for a New Hire – Checklist [Downloadable Document]

  Click the Checklist below to download a check-able version!  

Webinars – Time Wasters or a Great Learning Tool?

How many webinars have you attended?  I have to admit that I haven’t attended many.  I have participated in one as the moderator but typically I have found that the majority are really trying to sell me something. How do you know if the webinar that you are signing up […]

Setting Annual Business Goals with Mission, Vision and Values in Mind

Hard to believe it is the start of another New Year.  Reflecting on the things that need to be done at this time of the year… establishing business goals and developing strategic business plans always sit at the top of the list.  So, how do most Company Presidents start this […]

How to Make Sure Your HR Metrics Measure The Impact on the Bottom Line

Many business managers, business owners and executives rely on various business metrics to stay on track for attaining business goals and ensuring proper execution of plans, tasks and projects.  Most of the business metrics focus on accounting and financials with limited integration of HR metrics, these include: ROIs, operating costs, […]

How to Avoid Costly Legal Action Caused by Co-worker(s) Harassment

There has always been a clear understanding that employers are held responsible for the actions of their managers and supervisors in matters concerning harassment in the workplace. Whether an employer knew that there was harassment going or not, if they do not take action upon learning of the complaint, they […]

Catching the M&A Wave

A recent article in the December 8th issue of Globe & Mail reports that BMO is seeing a boom in mergers in the coming year.  If you are one of the fortunate Canadian companies predicted to expand your operations or buy out a competitor in 2011, improve your chances of […]

Canadian salary increases for 2010?

Last week, Hewitt Associates released some valuable insights for employers from their 31st annual Salary Increase survey.  The survey was conducted in June and July of this year and the results are based on responses from 387 organizations representing more than 710,000 employees in Canada. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE SURVEY The […]

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