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It is 2020 – has the “sick note” lost its relevancy? Alternatives for those sick of the sick note.

While the relevance of the sick note has been on the decline for years, recent events have reignited the debate over the worth and justification of sick notes. At the center of the debate is the semi-famous sick note posted on Reddit five years ago from an Alberta doctor that […]

Are You Prepared for the MOL's Drop-In Blitz?

Will You Be Ready? These are just a few of the target areas for the Ministry of Labour. [listdot] New and Young Workers, Vulnerable Workers (May –August) Employment Standards (May –August) Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) and Fall Hazards (Sept –Oct) Warehousing (Feb – March. 2014) [/listdot] What if the Ministry of […]

Are Your Supervisors Exposing You to Potential Workplace Liability?

I was speaking to a client a few weeks ago who is the Vice-President of Operations for a warehousing and distribution company with several facilities in the Toronto area.  Our conversation was centered on the Ministry of Labour’s (MOL) compliance requirements and how it is getting increasingly difficult to stay […]

WSIB Workwell Audits. Do You Know the Requirements and Potential Financial Impacts?

Have you received a WISB Workwell Audit notice yet? If you had lost time work related injuries/claims that resulted in a WSIB surcharge in the past year or 2, you may be in line for a WSIB WORKWELL audit. You might not know what a WORKWELL Audit is but you’ve […]

Claims Management & Other Impacts on WSIB NEER Statement

Are you in danger of paying a WSIB NEER surcharge in 2012? To find out, take a look at the December 2011 NEER statement that you should have received in the middle of February. If you see a number 1-4 in the performance index on the first page, you will […]

Bill 160: Dramatic Ontario OHS Reform Just Enacted Into Law

Dramatic Ontario OHS Reform (Bill 160) — just enacted into law — will impact Ontario companies with sweeping new safety training and JHSC compliance requirements. Under the coming new rules, Ontario companies will face mandatory new safety training requirements for their workers and JHSC members, new safety training and awareness […]

A New Twist on Harassment in the Workplace

Last month I wrote about a wrongful dismissal case in which an employee was harassed by his co-workers over a period of several months. When the company failed to act on his complaints, he successfully sued his employer for constructive dismissal for failing to provide him with a workplace free […]

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