Are Strategic Staffing Solutions the Key to Your Hiring Crisis?

Next to the product or service your company offers, your employees are the most important factor in your business’s success. If finding high quality, reliable employees is difficult, as 41% of Canadian business executives say it is, then that can represent a real problem for any business owner/manager looking to bring lasting success to their company.

There is a prevalent belief that hiring should be easy. With so many people unemployed, it’s easy to think that you should be able to find an employee for any job opening. However, if recent events have shown us anything, it’s that finding an employee and finding the right employee are two different things.

Two of the biggest hurdles in hiring? – Sudden departure, and a saturated labour market

Sudden Departure

Even if you manage to find a great employee, the fact is, as Forbes reports, more than five million Americans just decide to walk out on their jobs every year. A study by Harris Interactive further outlines the issue: 74% of all workers would quit their jobs immediately if something new, not necessarily better, came along. While legitimate discord is a player in these sudden departures, many times it’s just a matter of work ethic and loyalty.

A Saturated Labour Market

Given the plethora of unemployed looking for work, one of the biggest problems businesses still face when trying to find permanent staff is the rich labour pool. According to the Huffington Post, there are three Americans competing for every job opening. If each one of them on paper appears equally qualified, how do you decide quickly which is the one to pick? A lot of time and money must be put into the hiring process,  that might still leave you with an unfilled job if your first pick is snapped up by another firm before you can even make them an offer.

How Strategic Staffing Solutions Can Help

Many companies find much value in outsourcing their hiring to strategic staffing solutions instead of wasting time on facets of your company that are outside of your core business. Employing professional staffing services to find high quality employees is one way to cut wasted time. However, strategic staffing solutions do much more than increase the efficiency of your hiring process.

Outsourced Screening Means Reduced Costs

According to Investopedia, it costs an average of $3,500 to hire each new employee. Between job advertisements, time spent researching and interviewing candidates, background and credit checks, and all other activities associated with hiring, costs add up quickly. When using strategic staffing solutions, most of those costs disappear as the agency is left to do the screening, reference checking, and ultimately, identify the best candidates to hire.

Testing for Better Employees

A recent study by the American Staffing Association shows that 75% of job staffing agency customers ranked the staff they received through their agency “as good” or “better” than their existing full-time employees.  When a new-hire from a recruiting firm shows up for their first day on the job, you know they’re ready to work.

Making the right hiring decisions is increasingly difficult in this market of low loyalty and an abundance of job applicant candidates. With strategic staffing solutions, businesses can avoid the issue altogether, bringing their companies success, now and in the future.

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