Why Use a Temp Staffing Agency?

Finding the right people for an open position can often entail a lot of work and preparation – not to mention resources. You need to find the best media via which to advertise your need for qualified individuals. Then, the screening provisions must be reliable so that a new hire’s past or present doesn’t spring up and adversely affect your business.

personnel filesAn increasingly popular solution to the taxing problem of recruitment is the use of a temp staffing agency. You are, in effect, outsourcing this crucial aspect of your company to qualified professionals that specialize in this area, with all the needed resources to match up capable individuals with your company’s needs.

A temp staffing agency geared towards your industry already has a reliable data bank of possible employees they have sourced over the years. Because they specialize in recruitment, their services are inherently less costly to you as the necessary infrastructure is already in place.

Some of the more important functions that a temp staffing agency can perform include:


  • Dealing with large numbers of applicants and resumes.
  • Selecting appropriate hires for part-time or full-time work
  • Proper candidate screening – a temp agency has the time and duty to search for and assess the best candidates


The last thing you want is an entry-level applicant with a seriously puffed-up resume getting a managerial position in your company. A temp staffing agency seriously limits the instances of this happening with their screening procedures, including their meeting with the applicant for an interview.

A temp staffing agency that helps you screen out unqualified individuals is also an excellent magnet for extremely qualified applicants reluctant to simply throw their resumes onto websites claiming the ability to get them job placement.

With the explosion of internet-based advertising and recruitment, a temp staffing agency allows you to keep abreast of the times and take advantage of the larger pool of potential candidates, without wasting your valuable resources on separating the wheat from the chaff.

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