When Using a Temp Staffing Agency Makes the Greatest Sense

A company is only as good as its staff. Your customers do not care if your workers are permanent or temporary. Each of your workers serves as an ambassador for your business. A reputable temp staffing agency can help find the right individuals to represent your organization.

There are four common situations and or reasons when using a temp staffing agency makes the greatest sense:

  1. Short term staff shortages
  2. Giving temp workers a test run before hiring
  3. Cutting down on termination costs and WSIB claims
  4. Gaining an increase in productivity

Short Term Staff Shortages

Let’s start with the most obvious. There are a number of reasons when a company could be understaffed for periods of time. These include:


  • Illness/injury
  • Family emergencies
  • Maternity leave
  • Special short term projects
  • Season increases in workload


In some of these instances you may just be looking at covering a few shifts. In those situations it may not be feasible to go through the hiring process. Even if it is for a number of months, and you are aware of the need in advance, there is still a considerable investment of time and money involved with the hiring process. Consider some of the areas where a temp staffing agency will save you time and money:


  • Advertising
  • Screening, assessing skill-sets, and interviewing
  • Reference checks
  • Backgrounds checks
  • Training


Also, using a temp staffing agency will help avoid the pitfalls of being understaffed. This could include staff burnout, paying unnecessary overtime and lowered employee morale.

Giving Temp Workers a Test Run Before Hiring

When looking for permanent staff it can be costly to your business to hire the wrong individuals. This is where it makes sense for you to “try before you buy”. Your temp staffing agency will allow you to give a temp worker a test run. If a temp worker performs well in their position you may now choose to offer them a permanent position. You can do this with full confidence because they already have proven they can do the job.

Cutting Down on Termination Costs and WSIB Claims

It is a good thing to remember that temp workers are employees of the temp staffing agency. For example, if you no longer need the services of a temp worker you can choose to stop using them. You do not have to go through the process of terminating them. And you do not have to incur any costs connected with termination.

The other advantage that comes from temp workers being employees of the temp staffing agency is that you do not have to look after any Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) claims and premiums. It is the agency’s responsibility to make sure that they are in full compliance with all WSIB regulations.

Gaining an Increase in Productivity

At times a company can benefit from an infusion of new blood. By using a temp staffing agency to bring in temp workers you could provide such an infusion. If the temp workers have the necessary skills and experience they may be able to bring a fresh outlook and new ideas to the table. This could result in an increase in productivity.

Using a temp staffing agency goes beyond just looking after temporary staffing shortages. It makes monetary sense in a number of different areas. A temp staffing agency can help decrease your costs and increase your productivity.

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