Upcoming NEER Statement and MOL Blitzes

Here are some updates from MOL and WSIB you should be aware of this fall:


  • The WSIB is in the process of preparing your September NEER Financial statement, which will arrive in mid-November. The NEER statement will indicate if you’re in a surcharge or rebate.
  • MOL drop-in-blitzes are happening right now and will continue through the balance of 2013. Inspectors are visiting companies that are experiencing repetitive strain or musculoskeletal injuries; that means back strains, carpel tunnel and similar RSI injuries. They will look at ergonomic issues and controls.
  • Lastly, but not least, MOL inspectors will be spot-checking warehouse and logistics companies; checking on forklift maintenance, lift operation, warehouse safety, JHSC meetings and inspections, racking, management due diligence, etc.


Questions for you to consider:


  • Do you know if you are in a surcharge or rebate and for how much? Are you prepared to deal with a surcharge?  Would it benefit your company to know now so you can either start accruing for it, or determine action plans to reduce the potential surcharge?
  • Have your employees experienced repetitive strain or musculoskeletal injuries? What if MOL decides to visit your facility?
  • If you run a warehouse or a logistics company, do you know what regulations apply to you? Will you be able to support it with proper documentation when MOL inspectors do a spotcheck?


Is your organization ready?

Maybe we can help?

Our Pivotal Risk Management specialist can use the June NEER statement to calculate and advise you what to expect/prepare for, as well as examine how to reduce costs & potential surcharges.

In addition, we can also assists our clients with what to expect from an MOL visit, and if there are any compliance issues, and how to resolve them to prevent fines and stop work orders.

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