The Top 10 Things to Expect from a Temp Staffing Agency Partner

Selecting the right temp staffing agency can increase your company’s productivity and save you money. Selecting the wrong one can be extremely costly. To help ensure that you are partnering with the right agency here are 10 things that you should expect from your temp staffing agency.

1. Have Experience in Your Industry

You should expect that the staffing agency that you partner with will have a clear understanding of your industry. In this way they will better understand your needs and will have access to the right employees to fill them.

2. Provide Referrals

When selecting a temp staffing agency you should expect that they will refer you to those that have experience working with them. These referrals should work in the same industry.

3. Properly Pay the WSIB Premiums

It can be very costly if proper procedures are not being followed. You should expect that your temp staffing agency understands all Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s (WSIB) regulations and properly pay all premiums. To confirm this, the temp agency should be able to provide your company with a WSIB “Clearance Certificate” every 90 days indicating they are fully paid-up with their premiums owed to WSIB for their total workforce!

4. Are In MOL Compliance

You want to ensure that your temp staffing agency can ensure that your temp workers are in compliance with the Ministry of Labour (MOL). This would include making sure that any workers are legally able to work in Canada. Lack of compliance could lead to costly fines and other unwanted legal headaches for your company.

5. Pay All Workers at Least Minimum Wage

You should expect that your temp staffing agency is paying at least minimum wage to your temp workers and deducting all required source deductions from their weekly gross earnings. Even though paying less could initially save money, in the long run it can lead to costly fines and legal issues for you.

6. Follow All Other Legal and Safety Requirements

If you ever get audited by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) you don’t want to take a hit because it comes to light your temp staffing agency was not in compliance with all necessary CRA requirements, including those that have nothing to do directly with the CRA.

7. Properly Perform Background Checks

You should expect that your temp staffing agency will perform background checks on their temporary workers. This will make sure that there will be no unwanted legal issues. It will also protect against any potential applicants from using a stolen identity.

8. Focus More on Quality Not Quantity

A temp staffing agency could have a huge surplus of temporary workers, but how many of those workers have the skills required to perform the duties you need them to do? The agency that you partner with should be able to provide you with capable workers who possess the skills you are looking for.

9. Properly Screen Workers

You should expect that the temp staffing agency will only provide you with employees that meet the skill set that your company requires. It would be good to be aware of the specific tests that are performed to gauge the competence of potential workers. If the agency has experience in your industry and understands your company’s needs they should be able to weed out any workers that are unqualified during the screening process.

10. Will Look After Your Needs with Flexible Options

The main reason to use a temp staffing agency is that they can look after your temporary staffing needs, covering situations that may arise like:


  • Sickness or injury
  • Maternity leave
  • Seasonal increase in workload
  • Short-term projects


You should expect that your temp staffing agency will provide flexible options to fill your short term needs. If they know your industry and they properly screen their job applicants you can be ensured that you are getting the right workers for your company.

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