Temps – The Solution to Your Staffing Problem

Staffing problems can really compromise your company’s productivity. If you have to run an ad and interview potential employees every time you need temporary help, you’ll neglect your own work and fall behind schedule. Unfortunately, no matter what kind of industry you’re involved in, you will find yourself needing extra help from time to time. Staffing problems don’t have to be a drain, however; you simply need to know when to call a temp agency for help.

A good, reputable temp agency is the solution to your staffing problems. The temp agency handles the time-consuming tasks of interviewing and sorting employees by their skills and experience. All you have to do is greet your temporary employees and put them to work.

The following staffing problems are all-too-familiar to most business owners. But using a temp agency can help you sail right through these challenges.

Sick Leave

When one of your employees has a long illness or must recover from surgery at home, your company doesn’t have to fall behind. Simply call your temp agency and get a replacement for the amount of time your permanent employee will be recovering. When your permanent employee is feeling well enough to return to work, they can return, knowing their job has been professionally covered while they were gone.

Busy Seasons

If your company faces fluctuating workloads, don’t stress out your permanent employees by expecting them to work overtime. Just hire a few temps to ease the workload during busy times. Retailers often hire temps for the holiday season, and tax companies hire extra accountants during tax season. Think about the cycles of your own company. Would hiring temps during certain times of the year make life easier for everyone?

Special Projects

If you’re facing a large project, hire a temp or two to handle the extra work. Instead of shuttling your permanent employees to a project that will take them away from their normal work, allow them to keep everything running smoothly while temps work through the details of the project. When the project is finished, so do the temps, and your company will continue to run like a well-oiled machine.

Maternity Leave

Maternity leave can be stressful for co-workers who are assigned the duties of the individual on maternity leave in addition to their regular job duties.  Ease the stress for everyone by hiring a well-qualified temp to manage their work until they’re back. You will save your workforce from the resentment that sometimes emerges when other employees feel burdened by their co-worker’s absence.


Trade shows, conventions, parades, and fairs can sideline your regular operations if you use your permanent employees to run them, but temps can usually handle these events with ease. Keep your permanent employees doing the jobs they do best, and hire temps to help out with your company’s special events.

Unusual Project

Sometimes your company will need to tackle an unusual project that you are not staffed to handle. For example, a manufacturer may need to produce custom dies for a particular project and not have a full-time tool and die maker on staff. Hiring a skilled temp is a great way to solve this problem. With a specifically skilled temp, you can get the professional skills  you need on a temporary basis.

Instead of getting flustered when staffing problems arise (because they inevitably do), call a temp agency that can take care of the problems for you. Whether you’re facing an ill employee, a huge project, or a forthcoming busy period, temporary employees can get you through what might otherwise be a crisis.

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