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Over 30 years of connections

Over the years we've placed thousands of temporary positions — just right employees for appreciate employers. We specialize in "right fit" and "right skills." How do you improve your chances of being that right fit? Please review some of our helpful resources here, and on our tips blog. Then, when you are ready, contact us to begin screening for an exciting temporary position just right for you.


Most companies go to an agency

It is important for temporary employees to find work when they need it. Pivotal's large pool of clients makes it easier to place quickly. Pivotal's Temporary Staffing is the ideal way to maximize your exposure to the best temporary positions based on your skillsets. Only a small percentage of companies will try to source temporary employees directly. It simply takes too much time. To make sure your talent is recognized, consider signing up with Pivotal.

Pivotal does the hard work

For both employees and employers, Pivotal Temporary Staffing solutions reduces wasted time and costs and helps ensure a quick placement with the right skills. The agency takes care of recruitment, candidate screening, interview scheduling and all the paperwork.

Identifying skills is important

Workers choosing to work as a temporary employee range from people just starting out with limited experience, to highly experienced and skilled workers who prefer to work on an “as needed” basis. Regardless of your level of skill, Pivotal can prescreen and qualify you to make the placements a perfect match for you and the employer.



Only 1 in 6 candidates for a job are asked for an interview?

According to data*

  • Employers take an average of 6 seconds to scan a resume. [1]
  • 41% of recruiters want "skill sets" listed first on a resume [2]
  • 57% of recruiters say they will reject an applicant if there is no thank you note after the interview, 45% if there's no cover letter and 54% if the resume is not customized to the position.

With all of this to worry about, it's no wonder some people prefer temporary employment. With Pivotal, we can help make temporary placements easier — and perfect for your skills.

*[1] The Ladders. [2] Careerbuilder


Sign up today with Pivotal. We can make your placement easier, faster and a best-fit for your skills.

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