What a Temporary Staffing Agency Can Do For You

There are many situations where your company may become understaffed. Using a temporary staffing agency is the perfect solution to addressing any short term employment issues. That being said, it is good to note that this is just one aspect of what a temporary staffing agency can do for you. Let us consider some other benefits of this strategy.

Helps Your Company Avoid Legal Issues

It is an obligation of the temporary staffing agency to keep track of any adjustments in Canadian employment laws. Because they make sure to properly adhere to all required legal procedures, you can have confidence that you will not be liable for any costly legal fines. For example, in the event of an audit by the Ministry of Labour, Workers’ Compensation Board or Canadian Revenue Agency, you can be assured of full compliance by your temp staffing agency.

Provides You with Essential Market Intelligence

The temporary staffing agency that you choose to use should have extensive industry experience. This industry experience is a tremendous resource that you would be wise to tap into. For example, this experience can provide you with essential market intelligence. These areas of insider information include:


  • Knowledge of developing trends within your industry
  • Knowledge concerning availability of potential job candidates
  • Knowledge concerning competitive wages


Making use of the market intelligence provided by your temporary staffing agency will help you to adapt to current industry trends along with developing an effective employee recruiting and retention strategy.

Helps Your Company Build Important Network Connections

This can also be linked back to the idea of market intelligence and industry experience. Through the insider info provided, your temporary staffing agency can help you build important network connections. This is because the agency has experience dealing with similar companies from within your industry. Building these important network connections could potentially lead to the following opportunities:


  • Cross promotion
  • Business development


Will Reduce the Cost of Overtime

One option of dealing with staffing shortages is to pay your existing employees overtime. It is an option, but it is not necessarily the best one. Along with the direct cost of overtime wages is the less direct costs. These include the following:


  • Overworked employees are much more likely to make serious mistakes
  • Overtired employees are more likely to become stressed out and irritable
  • Overtired employees are also more prone to injury
  • Employee morale will suffer


By using a temporary staffing agency you will greatly reduce the need of regularly having to pay overtime.

Provides Your Company with the Workers You Need, When You Need Them

Your company may consider the option of having your current staff take on increased workloads to compensate for a short term staffing shortage, but such an approach is short-sighted. Similar to working excessive overtime, being understaffed can have an adverse impact on company morale and productivity. By using a temporary staffing agency you will have access to the workers that you need as soon as you need them.

Another advantage that comes from the flexible staffing options provided by a temporary staffing agency is that it will also prevent you from becoming overstaffed. As soon as you no longer require the use of a temp, you just simply return them to an agency. This will cut down on potential severance costs associated with termination and layoffs.

This is just a small sampling of what a temporary staffing agency can do for you. To sum it up, they will reduce your costs and make you more productive through their flexible staffing options.

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