How Temp Staffing Agencies Offer Business Owners Valuable Insights

A temp staffing agency is your best solution for hiring temporary staff. The advantages do not stop there. Through their industry experience, temp staffing agencies can provide your company with valuable insights. Tapping into this market intelligence will give your business a competitive edge.

We will consider the following ways that temp staffing agencies can offer business owners valuable insights:


  • Causes of employee turnover
  • Standard wages
  • Job candidate availability
  • Developing trends
  • Human resources challenges


Causes of Employee Turnover

Because of their experience with dealing with other companies within your industry, a temp staffing agency can help you pinpoint the causes of employee turnover. With their helpful analysis they can help in the following areas:


  • Identify common cause of turnover found in the areas such as training and support
  • Regularly survey temps to confirm the reasons behind turnover
  • Offer suggestions to help your company implement practical solutions


The insights provided by a temp staffing agency in these areas will help your company develop and implement a successful retention strategy.

Standard Wages

Because of their industry experience a temp staffing agency will have knowledge concerning standard wages. Along with possessing market intelligence in connection with standard wages, they will also have an idea of the types of benefits and incentive packages commonly being offered.

This insider info provided by a temp staffing agency will help your business make adjustments if needed in order to offer competitive wages. This will help with both your recruiting and retention efforts.

Job Candidate Availability

A temp staffing agency will also have valuable insights in connection with the availability of certain job positions. They will be aware of the size of the talent pool that you are drawing from.

This knowledge can also help with your recruiting and retention efforts. If you know that a certain position is more sought after it will affect the wages and incentives that you would offer. Also if you happen to be using a temporary worker for a hard to find position, you may seriously consider offering them a permanent position.

Developing Trends

The temp staffing agency that you use also has experience dealing with other companies within the industry. Because of their knowledge and experience they possess an awareness of certain trends. For instance, they can provide useful market intelligence in the following areas:


  • Initiatives taken by the competition
  • Which trends are working and which ones are not
  • Current innovations within the industry
  • Cross-promotional opportunities


Human Resources Challenges

The insights provided by a temp staffing agency can make them an important extension of your human resources department. One of the main responsibilities of temp staffing agencies is to keep up with  constantly changing employment laws. Challenges that companies face in connection with these changing laws could include:


  • Religious accommodations within the workplace
  • Properly observing the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
  • The implementation of non-discriminatory hiring practices


Because a temp staffing agency is expected to successfully address these human resources challenges they can provide your company with valuable insights in order to do the same.

This is just a small sample of the valuable insights that temp staffing agencies offer business owners. Tapping into these insights can give your business a competitive edge.

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