Shortlisting Services – Bundle 2


Our Short-Listing Service is designed for Managers who simply do not have the time to post and promote job openings, sift through hundreds of resumes or spend hours screening potential candidates. This service is designed to save you hours of screening time and help you narrow down your search to the right candidates. An experienced and dedicated HR Professional will work with you to determine which parts of the process you would like to be involved in and what you would like to hand off to us!

What is included in our short -listing service?

  • Consultative intake call with your dedicated HR Representative to discuss and build a comprehensive job profile
  • Based on the job profile, we will develop a compelling job ad designed to get the right candidates to apply
  • Post on Workopolis OR Monster, LinkedIn, sponsored Craigs List, sponsored Kijiji, and Free Sourcing.
  • Detailed candidate profiles through our predictive applicant tracking system which scores candidates based on:
    • Skills & Experience (Qualifications)
    • Psychometric Testing
    • Work Environment & Culture Fit
  • Phone interviews and notes for up to 10 qualified candidates
  • Coordinate scheduling of in-person interviews with customized interview guides for each applicant
  • Follow up with all unsuccessful shortlisted candidates

**Please keep in mind that this service does not guarantee qualified candidates will apply as we do not control who does or does not apply to the posting. PIVOTAL will phone interview up to 10 qualified candidates dependent on the quantity and quality of applications received. If within the 2 week job posting period no qualified applications have been received and/or less than 5 applicants have applied, PIVOTAL may refund up to 50% of the fee.


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