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$75 per phone screen

Scheduling and coordinating in-person interviews can take a significant amount of time. It is important that you have taken the proper steps to narrow down the applicant list and ensure that the candidates you are selecting for in-person interviews meet your minimum qualifications. Phone Interviews can be used in the recruitment process to quickly qualify candidates prior to scheduling in-person interviews by identifying:

  • Past employment history
  • Interest in the current role
  • Communication skills
  • Specific experience and skill requirements
  • Certifications
  • Salary expectations
  • Location of job

Working with the Hiring Manager, PIVOTAL will customize a set of questions to be asked in the phone interviews for selected candidates.  Deal breakers such as poor communication skills or salary expectations above the budget can be identified during the phone interview process. Let PIVOTAL eliminate potential wasted time by narrowing down your stack of resumes to a list of top “interviewable” candidates.


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