Performance Improvement Plan


A performance improvement plan (PIP) is a formal process used by Managers to help employees improve performance or modify behaviour.  The purpose of the PIP is to identify specific performance issues that need to be corrected and create a written plan of action on how to improve and correct that performance.

PIVOTAL will work with you to create the appropriate written communication and performance review documents to:

  • Identify the specific performance to be improved or the behaviour to be corrected
  • Provide clear expectations and metrics about the work to be performed or behaviour that must change
  • Identify the support and resources available to help the employee make the required improvements
  • Establish a plan for reviewing the employee’s progress and for providing feedback to the employee for the duration of the PIP
  • Specify possible consequences if performance standards as identified in the PIP are not met

Along with the PIP documentation, PIVOTAL will provide coaching on how to properly roll out the performance improvement plan, when and how to review the employee’s progress and how to address performance that is not improving through the plan.


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