Pay Equity

The goal of Pay Equity is to identify and manage gender-based wage discrimination. What this means is that as an employer you offer equal pay for work of equal value. Having a pay equity compliant compensation system will ensure fairness and equality for both males and females within your workplace.  Positively this opens up the doors for you to be able to access and retain top talent.

PIVOTAL has the tools and expertise to do  a comprehensive  pay equity evaluation and develop a plan for your organization.

We can work with you to:

  • Identify male/female jobs
  • Evaluate the relative worth of each job with a gender neutral evaluation tool
  • Analyze the results for any gender based inequities
  • Write up a pay equity plan

In Ontario, the Pay Equity Act covers employers in both the private and public sectors where having a plan is a mandatory requirement.

All federally regulated employers in Canada are responsible for ensuring that no gender-based wage discrimination exists in their establishments.

Even if your organization does not have a mandatory requirement to be pay equity compliant, it is still considered a best practice which we highly recommend for all employers.  Compensation systems should be reviewed periodically to determine if there are any unjustifiable gender based differences in pay.

Give us a call and we will work with you to identify any requirements for your organization as well as make best practice recommendations to ensure your organization is following pay equity practices.

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Due to the nature and sensitivity of this product, one of our HR Specialists will contact you to obtain more details. Once this is achieved a custom Pay Equity program will be completed for your business.

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