Orientation Checklist


The orientation process plays a vital part in how successful your new employee will be in their new role. Having an orientation checklist will ensure the process goes smoothly, that you have done your due diligence as an employer and that you have equipped your employee for success in your organization. Some of the important reasons why each employer should have an orientation process are to:

  • Familiarize the employee with the organization and key team members
  • Establish performance expectations
  • Know who is accountable for which stages of the onboarding process (e.g. IT to set up cell phone/laptop 2 days prior to start)
  • Ensure mandatory training is provided
  • Allow for employee feedback
  • Know what to prepare before the new hire starts, on the first day and within the first week(s)

PIVOTAL will help you build out an orientation checklist that best matches the needs of your workplace and ensure that all areas of the orientation process are covered.


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