HR Organizational Needs Assessment (Executive Only)

Aligning your organization’s business strategy with s strategic HR plan will empower you to achieve a competitive advantage from you workforce. Knowing where an organization’s human resource procedures and practices, employment engagement and satisfaction benchmark against the “best practice” companies is a starting point to improving your workplace and bottom line. PIVOTAL’s  assessment process will quickly and effectively analyze your current state and deliver a prioritized HR Critical Path aligned to meet your organizational goals.

Executive Needs Assessment (Senior Management Review)

This review will provide similar qualitative and quantitative information as the Full Needs Assessment, but based solely on the information gathered from the Senior Management. Although a less intensive assessment, it still offers powerful insight into your company.

Meetings with Senior Management members will last about 45 minutes each, in which we gather information related to Corporate Strategies, HR Infrastructure, People Planning, Hiring Process, Information Systems, and Risks.

Assessments will include an HR Assessment Report for the executive team with an outline of a recommended ‘Critical Path’. Our Critical Path gives your company a road map for implementing HR strategies to help your company achieve its goals.

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Due to the nature and sensitivity of this product, one of our HR Specialists will contact you obtain more details. Once this is achieved, a custom Bill 168 Refresher program will be created for your business.

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