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Job Descriptions are key documents that an organization uses to outline responsibilities or specific job tasks that employees are required to perform in their jobs.  They also outline the key qualifications a person needs to have in order to be successful in that role.  Job descriptions are a vital tool to have as they are the basis for several other processes such as recruiting(building a job posting and identifying the right candidates), job evaluations for compensation and pay equity and performance management.

PIVOTAL will build your customized job description by working with key individuals in the organization to determine the job task and qualification requirements for your specific role.

Job descriptions can be purchased on an individual basis or can be purchased in bulk if you are looking to develop or update job descriptions for several roles in your organization.

For individual job descriptions please use our online e-store! If you are looking to buy job descriptions in bulk, give us a call and we will provide you with a quote!

**If you would like us to review what you currently have in place we would be happy to do that as well. With our “Ask the Expert” service, we will provide you with professional expertise and best practise recommendations. Just give us a call!


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