Health & Safety Consultation


$150.00 per hour (invoiced after) 
Consultation fee will be waived if H&S project purchased

Having health and safety programs and processes in place is vital to every organization’s work environment. Ensuring the safety of employees is an employer’s responsibility and there are significant fines for non-compliance. Each province has specific H&S regulations that are legally required.

PIVOTAL can help you assess the current state of your Health and Safety and provide you with recommendations on what should be implemented. Not only are our HR experts able to offer best practice solutions to ensure your compliance, they are also able to provide you with the right tools to help you get there.

Some examples of policies, templates and programs we are able to customize for you include:
• Workplace Inspection Form to conduct monthly inspections
• Functional Abilities Form to help integrate injured workers back into the workplace
• Accident Investigation Forms to investigate work related accidents and near misses
• Health and Safety Policy
• Employee H&S Incentive Programs
• Coaching and materials for H&S committee


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