Bill 168


Bill 168 came into effect June 15th of 2010. It applies to all employers in Ontario covered by the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Specifically, Bill 168 addresses employer obligations in regards to prevention and resolution of workplace violence and harassment. Under Bill 168, employers must devise workplace violence and harassment policies, develop programs to implement such policies and engage in assessments to measure the risk of workplace violence. In addition, work refusal rights and the duties of employers and supervisors under OHSA have both been clarified to specifically apply to workplace violence.

To meet the requirements of Bill 168, PIVOTAL will review any policies, reports and inspections, as well as conduct a physical inspection to identify environmental risks and high risk jobs (if any).  A management survey is optional and included if desired.  PIVOTAL will provide a Risk Assessment Report that will outline the results, findings and recommendations based on our assessment.  Key deliverables include:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessment Report with Recommendations
  • Workplace Violence Policy and Program
  • Workplace Harassment Policy and Program
  • Bill 168 Training Presentation
  • One facilitated training session within the GTA or video based (more training sessions can be arranged at an additional cost)
  • Guidance on how to maintain the Bill 168 program

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