Outplacement: Basic Package


Investing in PIVOTAL’s Outplacement Program can help your terminated employees adjust their focus away from the negative feelings and thoughts of being terminated. Instead of dwelling on the past, program participants are guided to refocus their efforts on positive steps towards re-employment and future success. Not only does this help mitigate potential damages sought by terminated employees, it also positions you as a caring, compassionate and fair employer in the eyes of all concerned. PIVOTAL’s  outplacement process will guide participants through the transitional process providing valuable insights and information in regards to job loss, self-evaluation, market discovery and preparation for re-employment.

The Basic Outplacement package will include:

  • Individual Meeting
  • Guide to Successful Employment Booklet and Worksheets
  • Goal Setting & Career Strategies
  • Resume & Cover Letter Assistance
  • Interview Skills Review
  • Employment Search Strategies
  • 30-Day Follow Up

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