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Performance Reviews

The science of managing personnel isn’t all that different than other sciences in one interesting sense: ideas that seemed safe and smart when introduced can, over time, reveal themselves to be less than ideal; even harmful. Take, for example, performance reviews. When performance reviews arrived onto the scene, they were …

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Remembering Retention

While you can (and most are) debate whether the recession is actually ‘over,’ I would caution employers against exhaling too soon. If you’re like most, you’ve been looking at employees through the lens of cost-cutting and termination. Times are changing and it’s time to look through the lens of retention. …

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5 Annual Review Tips for Managers

Managers, you are the key to the success or failure of the Annual Review process and by extension the success of your employees.  So it’s really important you understand a few fundamentals so you can make a positive impact at your company. Paper trail = Safety Net. When it comes …

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6 Tips for a Better Annual Review

Its that time of year again when most companies – for better or worse – conduct their Annual Performance Reviews.   And though most HR professionals would happily tell you to do away with performance reviews and instead focus on performance management, we know plenty of businesses will be conducting this …

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4 Considerations Before Using a Bring-Your-Own-Computer to Work Program

ITBusinessEdge wrote a great piece yesterday, Employeed-Owned Computer Programs: Diving into Murky Waters which brings up an interesting trend in the workplace and raises some potential legal, security and HR issues.  A “BYOC” program could be a fantastic way for businesses to save money, improve employee performance and engagement, etc, …

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The Implications of Rehiring an Employee

Many companies rehire employees who have worked for them in the past.  Typically, they have a “Re-employment Policy” which details the privileges that will be re-instated (i.e. benefits, vacation, and seniority).  However, they may not have considered the obligation regarding severance pay should the renewed relationship not work out. The …

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Changes in Small Claims Court

We recently had a record-breaking (for us anyway) attendance to our webinar: “Wrongful Dismissal and the Changes to the Rules of Court.”  Its also a topic we blogged about a couple weeks back, and I’d like to share some of the highlights from the webinar with you. First some background …

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Resignation vs. Termination Notice

Recently, a client contacted me with the following question: “If an employee has provided 2 ½ months notice for resignation but we don’t require (or want) him here for more than two weeks – how do we handle it legally?” The answer is that it depends on the employee’s service …

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