MOL Blitz in October Focuses on Personal Protective Equipment

Throughout the year, The Ministry of Labour continuously conducts inspection blitzes with a different focus each month.  In October 2011, MOL is targeting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ensuring employers, managers, supervisors and workers are fulfilling their obligations and responsibilities as outlined in Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

“Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) reduces or prevents a worker’s exposure to occupational health and safety hazards. The equipment acts as a barrier to protect workers from blows to the body, loud noises, heat, chemicals, infections, and electrical and other hazards. PPE can refer to protective clothing, helmets, shoes, goggles, respirators and other safety gear worn or used by workers.” – Ministry of Labour, Fact Sheet #19

As noted in MOL’s Publication, inspectors will not only be ensuring and enforcing proper use and care of PPE by employers, managers and supervisors but also making sure that workers themselves are fulfilling their responsibilities when it comes to the use and care of PPE.

Although the blitz is just for the month of October, everyone must work year around to ensure compliance, and a safe and healthy work environment.

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