How a Temp Staffing Agency Can Find Qualified Candidates Faster Than Doing It Yourself

Let’s take a look at the do-it-yourself process of finding temp workers for your business. First, you have to write a job post and post it to various web sites and job boards. Then you have to wait until people respond to your post. The problem is, however, that most people looking for jobs on job boards are looking for permanent jobs, not temp jobs. So your pickings may be very slim if you have pickings at all.

Next, you have to interview your candidates, and this takes time out of your busy workday. You might find someone appropriate for the temp job, but then you have to train that person. And by the time you get your worker hired into the job, it’s been several days, if not weeks, and you’ve spent a great deal of time (and money, since you couldn’t work on your own projects).

But let’s say you couldn’t find a good candidate through your job postings. This often happens with temporary jobs posted by the employer. Then you have to ask around and find out if anyone knows someone who can work for just a short period of time. Often, the only people who come to mind are students home from college or people who are currently out of work. Again, these candidates might work out well for you, but then again, they might not.

A temp staffing agency can handle this cumbersome task quickly and easily. A temp staffing agency has systems in place to find candidates the moment a client calls needing help. These people are already screened and tested and their work papers are filled out and ready to go. The temp staffing agency can even help to train them before they show up at your place of business for their work shifts.

A temp staffing agency doesn’t have to post job listings or wait for applications to roll in. They’ve already done this work ahead of time. That’s why you can call your temp staffing agency today and have a worker show up tomorrow, ready to increase productivity at your business.

So, once again, here are the ways a temp staffing agency can find qualified candidates faster than you can find them yourself:

  • A temp staffing agency has already performed background checks and interviewed candidates
  • A temp staffing agency has tested workers and knows which people have the appropriate skills for your job
  • A temp staffing agency has a deep network of qualified workers in your area
  • A temp staffing agency specializes in filling temporary positions quickly


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