Five Reasons to Use a Temporary Employment Agency

number-five-5-webTemporary employment agencies can help with an array of short-term assignment and other staffing problems. Here are five reasons to use a temp agency. If you recognize your situation in any of these, a temp agency can solve the problem, and let you get back to work.

1. Fill Seasonal Positions

All kinds of businesses and industries require seasonal employees. Whether you need extra hands on deck for the holiday season, the summer, the ski season, or tax season, a temporary employment agency can get you the workers you need quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

2. Meet an Important Deadline

If your company faces important deadlines from time to time, bringing on extra staff to meet the deadline can save your regular employees lots of stress and overtime. Temporarily increasing your work force can help with projects like trade shows, special presentations, proposals, and more. Your regular full-time employees will appreciate not having to work longer hours to help with your big projects on top of their daily work.

3. Find a Good Fit

square-peg-in-holeTemp-to-hire employees can initially be hired on a temporary basis, but if the position and the temps are a good fit, you may be able to hire them permanently. This method of hiring reduces your risk, and gives both the worker and the employer time to get to know each other better. When you hire employees without actually working with them first, you take a fairly significant risk. You may end up keeping a worker on your payroll who doesn’t work well with your other employees or whose skills are not an ideal fit for your company.

4. Decide if a Position is Necessary

One of the difficult choices a business owner has to make is whether or not a position is necessary. Sometimes, you feel that everything would run smoother if you hired a person to a position that does not currently exist in your company, but you don’t know how it would work out. Hiring a temp in that role can let you try out the new position and see how it would function in your existing structure. If the position is truly unnecessary, you’ll soon find out, but you won’t have lost much in the discovery. If the presence of the temp makes work easier for everyone else, you will have tested and validated a proven workable solution.

5. Easy Termination

The word “temporary” is just that. If the temporary employee doesn’t work out for any reason, one phone call to the temp agency is all it takes to solve the problem. There’s no drama. You don’t have to worry about wrongful termination lawsuits. If confrontation is difficult for you, let the temp agency take care of the dirty work. On the other hand, if you end up loving the temp’s skills and work ethic, you may be able to hire them permanently.

Perhaps the biggest reason of all to use a temporary employment agency is that you can leave the hiring details to someone else, and focus on what you do best. Instead of reading resumes, making appointments for interviews, and dealing with hiring paperwork, you can focus on running and growing your business. Your temp agency will be there when you need help with staffing, interviewing applicants, and matching them up with the jobs you need done.

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