Critical Responsibilities and Obligations of Your Temp Staffing Agency

Choosing to partner with the right temp staffing agency will cut costs, increase productivity and provide you with flexible staffing options. To help you partner with the right agency let’s look at some critical responsibilities and obligations you should expect from your temp staffing agency:

  1. Complies with all legal and safety requirements
  2. Properly performs all employee background checks
  3. Properly screens all workers

Complies with  All Legal and Safety Requirements

Here are some examples of the types of legal and safety requirements that your temp staffing agency has the obligation to comply with:


  • Observe all Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) requirements, including the paying of all premiums on behalf of their total workforce
  • To confirm proper compliance they should be able to provide you with a WSIB “Clearance Certificate” every 90 days
  •  Comply with all Ministry of Labour (MOL) regulations, which includes making sure temp workers are legally able to work in Canada
  • Make sure that all temps are being paid at least the minimum wage
  • Observe all Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requirements


If your temp staffing Agency were audited by WSIB, MOL or CRA and found guilty of non-compliance then you may also be held accountable for their non-compliance shortcuts.

Properly Performs All Employees Background Checks

It is the critical responsibility of your temp staffing agency to perform background checks on all of their temps. Unknowingly hiring a temporary worker with a criminal record could lead to unwanted surprises and legal issues. It could also lead to negative media exposure or lower company morale if the news becomes public.

The background checks will also help to verify that applicants are who they say they are. This will also provide protection against potential identity theft.

Properly Screens All Workers

It is your temp staffing agency’s responsibility to provide you with temporary workers that have the necessary skills that your company requires. This is where their screening process comes into play. You would want to be aware of any tests/assessments that are performed to gauge the competency of applicants.

It is also your temp staffing agency’s obligation to verify applicant’s work experience and educational background. This would include the checking of all references. By doing their due diligence during the screening process they will be able to weed out any unqualified workers.

If your temp staffing agency lives up to its obligation to observe all legal requirements, perform background checks and properly screen all applicants, you can have confidence that your short-term staffing needs are being well looked after.

2 thoughts on “Critical Responsibilities and Obligations of Your Temp Staffing Agency”

  1. I just looked at your chart and HOLY TEMP SPIKE! I have been chtriang for 9 cycles and never seen a temp spike like that on my own chart . looks good!!!!

  2. I just looked at your chart and HOLY TEMP SPIKE! I have been chtriang for 9 cycles and never seen a temp spike like that on my own chart . looks good!!!!

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