Can Temp Staffing Help with the Midnight Shift?

For businesses that operate on a 24-hour schedule there can be challenges in connection with scheduling the midnight shift. The midnight shift can be very unpopular among many workers. The shift may interfere with your employee’s personal and family life. Those who are not suited for these types of shifts could start to become irritable, overtired and unproductive. Also, by making it mandatory that all your staff rotates and take turns working midnight shifts can also lead to the following issues:


  • Can make it harder to recruit new employees
  • Can lower employee morale
  • Can contribute to a high turnover rate


What Is The Solution?

This is where using temp staffing comes in. How can temp staffing help with the midnight shifts? A temp staffing agency can provide you with qualified workers who will be willing to work the midnight shifts. By scheduling temp workers you can allow your full time workers to stick with a set schedule. This will cause less disruption in their lives. This in turn will help improve company morale. Happy employees are productive employees. Happy employees are also more likely to stick around, which will improve your retention rate.

Using temp staffing to help cover midnight shifts will also help with recruiting new employees. For some potential employees the midnight shift can be a deal breaker. There is no reason why you should pass up the opportunity to hire someone who would be a good fit just because they are unable to work the midnight shifts.

Gives You Flexible Options

The most important investment that a company makes is its people. To get the highest return on that investment you want to create a work environment where each individual can thrive. This would include giving workers tasks that are suited to their abilities. This also includes scheduling them at times when they will be at their most productive.

By using temp staffing you have the flexibility of giving your permanent staff a degree of choice in the types of shifts that they work. For example, there are those individuals that are sometimes referred to as “night hawks”. This rare breed is not only well suited for the midnight shift, but they may even prefer it. You may already have some of these individuals on your permanent staff. By giving your employees the option to volunteer to work for the midnight shift you will ensure that you will have willing and productive workers to cover these shifts.

Of course you may not have enough volunteers who want to accept a permanent midnight shift schedule. This is where temp staffing can fill in the gaps. Partnering with the right temp staffing agency will give you access to workers who will be well suited to take on this role. Also, if you have a temp worker who is an especially good fit for your company, you always have the option of offering them a fulltime position.

Instead of allowing midnight shifts to become a divisive issue, why not use temp staffing to help cover these shifts. This will improve productivity, increase employee morale and improve your retention rate.

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