Bill 160, WSIB Costs, and Ministry Of Labour Drop-In Blitzes

Is Your Company Ready?

With Bill 160 focus on training – inspections include checking on new workers, summer students, temporary workers or any potentially vulnerable worker to ensure they have received the necessary safety training, and have awareness of their rights, responsibilities, and hazards. Your company and the temporary agency share dual responsibility and liability.

Are you confident in the agency you are using that they provide the necessary training to their temporary employees?

WSIB Premiums Increase – in 2013, WSIB increased premiums. Any permanent employees or summer students you add to payroll – will add to your WSIB premiums and ultimately the potential NEER surcharge you could pay if there is a lost time due to injury to your employee. Temporary employees’ premiums are paid by the agency, so do not add to your payroll or increase the risk of your potential surcharge amount.

The March WSIB NEER statement is due in mid-May.

Would you like to know more about cost containment?

Ministry of Labour (MOL) Blitz focus now includes evenings and weekends – do you know what the safety requirements are for racking, warehouse, lift operation and ergonomics to prevent MSD (Musculoskeletal strain injuries)? Are your supervisors trained in Due Diligence and understand what the Ministry of Labour is looking for when they drop in?

MOL drop in visits can happen any time to a company in Ontario. On one drop in Blitz a company was fined $18,000 for leaving a ladder accessible, which had 3 missing anti-slip feet. NO Injury, NO Accident, but a $18,000 fine!

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