[Ask HR] Can my boss come into work on my night shift and ask me to leave work?

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Can my boss come into work on my night shift and ask me to leave work?

Your boss can ask you to leave, and usually this occurs if there is a perceived safety risk to you or the workplace. If your boss does ask you to leave for ‘no reason’, s/he must pay you for your shift and then either terminate you or allow you back to work. We would never recommend that an employer terminate in this manner, but if you are terminated this way you may be entitled to notice and severance (the amount varies by province and is based on how long you have worked there). Employees also have protection against any type of discrimination, so if you believe this is the reason you are being treated this way, you can contact Human Rights (for free) to become aware of your rights and options.

So the short answer is that – yes this can happen. But it doesn’t end there. Your employer will have to meet minimum requirements (at least) and you do have protections under Employment law.

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