9 Winter Driving Tips

winter roadKeeping employees safe is important at work when they are out on the roads and winter driving is now upon us.  You look at your fellow drivers and think who are they and where did they get their licences.  Make sure they are not thinking the same about you and remember not all drivers have the same level of experience.

Here are some handy winter driving tips to stay safe this season.

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  1. Know where you are travelling and what the weather conditions are for this area. Knowledge is power!
  2. Leave early! You are less likely to rush and not consider the road conditions if you have given yourself extra time to arrive at your destination.
  3. Don’t follow too closely!  You usually require more distance to stop on slippery roads.  Give yourself the room you may need. It is best to err on the side of caution.
  4. Maximum posted speed may not be suitable on ice or snow covered roads.  Drive according to the road conditions.
  5. Watch for black ice!  This thin coating of ice on roads is virtually invisible but is extremely dangerous.
  6. Accelerate and brake slowly. Sudden accelerations or braking can result in your car skidding and losing traction.
  7. Have your lights on.  Lights are not just for night driving.  Have your lights on anytime you have poor visibility, it helps other drivers see you.
  8. Have winter  tires on your vehicle.
  9. Have a winter survival kit in your car.


Winter survival kit checklist

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  • A working cell (most areas have service and this could be a life saver)
  • Small shovel
  • Extra winter windshield fluid
  • Traction mat, sand, salt or kitty litter
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Extra clothing, i.e. winter hat, windproof pants, jacket, gloves or mitts
  • Warm winter boots.  (This is extremely important if you do not wear proper winter clothing while driving)
  • Blanket
  • Candle (for heat) and matches
  • First Aid Kit
  • Snack bars and emergency water (or ceramic cup to melt snow)
  • Help signs or brightly coloured banners or flags


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