5 Ways a Temp Staff Workforce Improves Productivity

When you find that your workforce just isn’t keeping up with demand, it’s time for problem solving. Perhaps they’re burned out because you’ve been asking them to work too much overtime. This takes a toll on your workers’ personal lives and possibly even their health. Perhaps you’re asking them to take care of tasks they’re not really qualified to deal with because you don’t have anyone on staff who is trained in that area. Maybe it’s the busy season, and the atmosphere at your company feels hectic all the time. The simple answer to these and many other workforce productivity issues is temp staff. The following are five ways a temp staff workforce can improve your company’s productivity.

Manage the Highs and Lows

Your business isn’t equally busy all the time. Perhaps your business is seasonal, and you need more workers during the summer than at any other time. Other businesses are very busy early in the mornings but less busy the rest of the day. By judiciously using temp staff to keep your workforce appropriately sized all the time, you can avoid over-working and under-working your employees.

Cover Employee Absences

Life ensures that people can’t work at peak productivity all the time. Workers need to take maternity/paternity leave after having babies, and people get sick from time to time, or even require surgeries and hospitalization. If you count on your other full-time workers to take up the slack when their fellow workers have to take time off, feelings of resentment can fester in your company. Instead of overloading your permanent staff when emergencies arise, use temp staff to fill in until your regular workers come back, rested and healthy.

Find Specialized Skills

Your current permanent employees are probably well-suited for their positions. Their experience and skills match their job descriptions, and they do these tasks well. But sometimes you have short-term projects that require skills that none of your current employees possess. You can do one of two things in this situation: you can ask one of your regular staff to try and learn something new and “give it a shot,” or you can hire temp staff who already have these specialized skills. Temp staff can come in and get the job done without the time associated with a learning curve. You’ll also keep your regular employees from getting frustrated or feeling discouraged.

Take On New Projects

You know how busy it is just to keep normal business operations running well, but sometimes you come across opportunities like trade shows or marketing efforts that could seriously benefit your company–if you only had the workforce to tackle them. You can take advantage of these opportunities by hiring temp staff to manage them for you. Go ahead and sign up for that trade show. Your temp staff can staff the booth, or they can keep things running back at the office so your regular employees can go.

Try Out Areas of Expansion

If your business is to the point where you’re thinking of expanding, go ahead and test it risk-free by using temp staff to see how it would work. Hiring new full-time employees is risky if you’re not sure the expansion will work. But if you try it out with temp staff, you can see how the expansion would fit in with your current business. You can also try out the temp staff, and if they’re a good fit you could consider hiring them full-time.

Don’t wait to improve your company’s productivity, consider utilizing temp staff to help you today.

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