5 Signs You Are Working with the Wrong Temp Staffing Agency

Even after you have chosen a temp staffing agency to work with, you do not want to ignore clear warning signs, including these five, that say you are working with the wrong temp staffing agency:

They Are Charging Too Low a Billable Hourly Rate

You get what you pay for. Too low of a billing fee can be a reflection of the quality of their services. It could also be a red flag that the agency is taking the following legal short cuts:


  • Paying their workers less than minimum wage
  • Not properly paying Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) premiums, or under-reporting their source deductions to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA
  • Using workers that are illegal to work in Canada


If your temp staffing agency is taking any of these shortcuts to provide a lower hourly bill rate, it can lead to costly fines if your Temp Agency is ever audited by the Ministry of Labour (MOL) or the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Any short term savings would not make up for the long term costs, not to mention the bad press if the media reports it.

They Do Not Have Experience in Your Industry

A temp staffing agency can be a good agency, but it may be the wrong “fit” for you. You need to know that the agency that you work with has knowledge and experience within your industry sector. This will ensure that any temp workers have the necessary skills before they walk through your doors.

Another advantage that comes from your temp staffing agency having industry experience is that it makes them a valuable source of market intelligence. Through their knowledge of industry trends, this can help you build valuable connections and gain a competitive edge over your competition.

They Do Not Understand the Needs of Your Company

This point is closely linked to the previous point concerning industry experience. But it goes beyond that. Your temp staffing agency will need to be aware that there are certain aspects of your company that would make you different than other companies in your industry.

This is where good communication skills come into play. Is your temp staffing agency responsive when you approach them with concerns? When you try to explain your company’s culture to them, do they seem to understand? Your agency cannot fill your needs if they have the inability to understand them.

They Do Not Properly Screen Applicants

If you are being sent temp workers that do not have the required skills, this could be a clear sign the temp staffing agency is not properly screening applicants. The agency should be checking references, performing background checks, confirming skills and knowledge, and asking pertinent questions during their interview process. When operating your business you cannot afford surprises when it comes to having the necessary staff.

Focus More on Quantity than Quality

Your temp staffing agency may have a large pool of potential workers, and they may be able to send you workers quickly, but they may not be the right workers. The workers that you use are a reflection of your company. It does not matter to your clients if they are permanent employees or are a temp who is covering a couple of shifts.

By doing your homework ahead of time you can avoid partnering with the wrong temp staffing agency. But if you do make the wrong decision, do not continue to ignore the warning signs. In this case ignorance is not bliss, it can be very costly.

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