3 Ways Temp Staffing Can Save The Day

There are numerous challenges involved in running a productive, profitable company. Many of these challenges are associated with staffing issues. These issues could include your retention and recruiting efforts, along with having sufficient staff to meet your workload demands. An investment in temp staffing can help you successfully overcome these challenges.

Temp staffing can bail you out of any number of potentially adverse situations, but let’s just zero-in on the following three situations where temp staffing can save the day:


  1. Dealing with unforeseen employee absences
  2. Adjusting to seasonal fluctuations
  3. Covering unpopular shifts


Dealing with Unforeseen Employee Absences

When the unanticipated happens, you can be left understaffed for a time. This could include sickness, injuries, personal and family issues. These unforeseen employee absences could potentially leave you understaffed for days or even weeks. By being understaffed you are risking the following adverse consequences:


  • Overworked and overtired employees are more inclined to make costly mistakes
  • Your employees being overworked could lower employee morale and contribute to a high employee turnover rate
  • The paying of unnecessary overtime


Temp staffing can save you from the negative side effects of being understaffed. By using a reputable temporary staffing firm you can have last minute absences covered with little to no disruption to your business operations.

Adjusting to Seasonal Fluctuations

Along with the unforeseen, are business realities you can anticipate. There may be times of the year when you face increases in productivity. Also there may be times where you are taking on special projects and you can anticipate ahead time an increased workload. Temp staffing can help you look after these situations without becoming under or overstaffed.

By communicating with your temporary staffing firm ahead of time, steps can be taken for you to have access to the added necessary workers as soon as you need them. And as soon as there is no longer a need for the increased workforce you can send temp workers back to the agency. This will save you from potential severance pay and decreased employee morale that can come from laying off permanent employees.

Covering Unpopular Shifts

Does your company operate 24/7? If so there are no doubt certain shifts that are unpopular among your employees. For example; working the midnight shift, or a constantly changing work schedule, can be a potentially divisive issue among your workers. By using temp workers it does not need to be.

Temp staffing can allow your permanent employees to work set shifts. By having your permanent staff work at times when they are most productive will improve employee morale and your bottom line.

Using temp workers to cover the midnight and other unpopular shifts can also help with your recruiting efforts. You do not have to pass on qualified workers just because they are unable to work certain shifts.

These 3 ways are just a small sampling of how temp staffing can save you from being under or overstaffed, and save you from situations that can have an adverse effect on company morale and your bottom line. When faced with staffing challenges you can be confident temp staffing can save the day.

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