Responsive Staffing Solutions

How responsive is your staffing agency to your ongoing needs? PIVOTAL Staffing has built our business by being the “Responsive Staffing” company of choice!

When you need good people, you need an agency to respond quickly!

Capacity constraints can lead to costly mistakes and production delays. As well, health and safety compliance has become more complex and in the event of an occurrence, very costly.

Being responsive to these needs is what PIVOTAL Staffing is all about. We have built our business over the past 30+ years by being there when our clients need us most.

Equally as important, we respond with quality staff that must conform to the following criteria:

  1. PIVOTAL’s Employee Custom Matching process ensures that employees are a good match to your site-specific job profiles.
  2. The unique Health and Safety Best Practice Program continues to play a vital role in everything we do.

When it comes to a project or work overload that requires one, two or even a hundred people to do the job efficiently and on time, you can rely on PIVOTAL.

PIVOTAL Staffing Advantage

With our temporary staffing services, you get the extra staff you need, only as you need them. It’s an efficient staffing solution that eliminates the costly expense of maintaining full-time staff during slower periods of production cycles.

Hiring through PIVOTAL Temporary Staffing saves you the cost of advertising as well as the cost associated with extensive hours of screening and interviewing. We take care of those procedures so you don’t have to. CLICK HERE to order a Temporary Employee now. 


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Staffing Specialties

PIVOTAL Temporary Staffing is proud of their relationship with over 1000 + clients. We fill positions daily in Light Industrial, Logistics, Skilled Trades and Office positions.

Our PIVOTAL “Responsive Staffing” approach includes a sound understanding of our client’s needs and the importance of insuring health and safety issues are mitigated through proper risk assessment practices.

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Health & Safety / Risk Assessments

Our best practices provide employees with safe work orientation, and can assist in you in ensuring a safe work environment. We do this by touring the work site, observing the work requirements and then matching employees to ensure a good fit.

It could also include Health & Safety Risk Management assistance to supplement or enhance your current program to ensure maximum protection.

The assistance may include WSIB NEER analysis with advice to reduce costs, site-specific MOL compliance training to understand due diligence requirements or other types of training.

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