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How to Prevent Your JHSC from Getting You Into Trouble
Simply having a JHSC is not enough. How truly effective is your JHSC? This Pivotal white paper explores the issues that can lead JHSCs into non-compliance, and lists the essential activities JHSCs must perform to ensure a healthy and safe workplace and avoid MOL fines.

Workplace Violence – Bill 168: 2 Years Later
Since the Bill 168 Workplace Violence legislation came into effect in June 2010, greater understanding has emerged about the exact obligations that have been added to employers’ MOL compliance responsibilities. This Pivotal white paper provides insight into where to draw the line between an employer’s workplace violence accountability while respecting employee privacy.

Avoid MOL Fines with this Temp Agency Checklist
Are you using a temporary staffing agency that could be putting your firm at risk? Take this Test and find out. Getting the best rate is important, but not at the expense of breaking the law and putting your company at risk of a large MOL fine or CRA audit.

Case Studies

Case Study – Workwell Audit: Ford of Canada
Three-quarters of Ontario companies being Workwell audited fail on their first audit. But you don’t have to wait for a Workwell audit to become Workwell compliant. This case study shows how Ford of Canada used Workwell to gain a strategic competitive advantage.

Case Study – A $50k WSIB NEER Surcharge Pitfall That Could Have Been Avoided
An Ontario company went from a $10,000 NEER rebate in one year to a $40,000 surcharge in the next, with only just one claim. It happened because of one simple administrative mistake, that could easily have been avoided. Read this Pivotal case study to find out how.

Case Study – ASL Distribution – The Benefits of an Integrated HR Service Provider
ASL Distribution, a 3PL firm, quickly realized the benefits of an Integrated HR Services provider.  Going beyond payroll and HR services, Pivotal also provided Temp Staffing and an on-site HR Manager.  Download the case study to learn how ASL benefited from a unified HR and Temp Staffing strategy to contain costs, improve metrics, ensure Health & Safety compliance and gain access to expert HR knowledge.

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WSIB Claims Management Webinar – How to Avoid NEER Surcharges

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