PIVOTAL is well positioned to establish itself as the leader in providing a broad range of Staffing, HR and Payroll solutions to small and mid size companies in Canada.


Our mission is to provide clients with flexible people solutions that help their organization achieve a competitive advantage from their workforce.

The element that makes PIVOTAL so unique is our ability to provide such a wide offering of HR solutions to so many different types of companies. In most cases these companies are not able to provide these solutions for themselves and even if they were able, it would cost them much more than using PIVOTAL.

PIVOTAL has a number of competitors in each of its individual HR sectors – HR, payroll, staffing and recruitment – but not one of those competitors can compete with PIVOTAL in every area across the board.

PIVOTAL tends to be “high touch” rather than “high tech”. Smaller clients demand more “touch” because they do not usually have sufficient internal resources to effectively implement and maintain new programs. Most of the providers in the HR marketplace rely heavily on technology to deliver their programs which gives PIVOTAL a distinct advantage.

Providing multiple solutions to existing clients is what we call “integration” (hence the word Integration in our name). We believe our clients gain a distinct advantage from using one HR supplier who has a deep and insightful knowledge their company’s environment and can provide customized solutions to meet their needs. This is especially true in the small and mid size market.

Generally, small and mid-size companies have limited time, money and resources to effectively develop and implement the HR strategies required to meet, let alone exceed their business goals. However, in the increasingly complex world of HR, they face the same employee challenges as well resourced larger organizations. PIVOTAL provides small and mid-size companies with affordable HR solutions that are typically only available to large corporations.