Over the past 30 years PIVOTAL Integrated HR Solutions has grown to become a leader in providing the broadest range of HR solutions for small and mid-size companies in Canada. Our goal is to provide flexible people solutions that help organizations achieve a competitive advantage from their workforce.

Generally, small and mid-size companies have limited time, money or resources to effectively develop and implement the HR strategies necessary to meet and exceed their business goals and objectives. However, in the increasingly complex world of HR, they face the same employee challenges as well resourced larger organizations.

PIVOTAL provides small and mid-size companies with affordable HR solutions that are typically only available to larger corporations. These include HR, Payroll and Staffing solutions, including our proven HR and Payroll outsourcing service where we have built an impressive list of clients in all industries.

Our History

The PIVOTAL story starts in 1981 when Alan Kouba and Stan Lewis began their truly unique and successful business partnership.

The fledgling Company began in the temporary truck driver business, providing temporary and permanent staff to transportation, distribution and manufacturing firms across the GTA. Over the next few years, the business expanded to include light-industrial temporary workers, culminating in the PIVOTAL Staffing division – now one of the GTA’s largest providers of light industrial temporary workforce and industry leading Health & Safety program.

The early 1990′s saw another growth spurt for the Company. In 1993, after witnessing the initial success of HR outsourcing in the U.S., the founders created H.R. Outsourcing Inc. to provide back office and payroll processing services. This company eventually expanded its business model to provide a full range of HR consulting services, evolving into a company called HROI.

Over the years, HROI grew to become one of the largest HR Consulting firms in Ontario providing a broad range of HR solutions to small and mid-sized companies.

About the same time, two other staffing businesses were added. ITECC, an IT staffing business and Staffing Sources, an office support and administration staffing firm, was purchased.

In early 2003, the Company again expanded to spin-off three new companies. These included Wilson Partners, an executive search and interim management firm and BPO Solutions, a full-scale HR outsourcing company.

The third, ACS Automation, was a payroll and HRMS company. It had existed in-house since 1981, providing administration and back-office shared services to the rest of the Company. In 2003 ACS Automation was commercialized so that this administration expertise could now be made available to other companies in the marketplace.

In 2004, the Company embarked upon its most ambitious effort to date – merging six unique HR companies together under one umbrella – PIVOTAL Integrated HR Solutions.

Today, PIVOTAL Integrated HR Solutions has over 30 years of combined experience and has become a leader in providing the broadest range of HR solutions for small and mid size companies.

Looking ahead, PIVOTAL Integrated HR Solutions is well positioned for future growth. The executive team continues to nurture a truly unique entrepreneurial culture supported by a highly motivated workforce and guided by a strong management team.

PIVOTAL is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario with offices across the GTA and southwest Ontario.